‘National Democracy Day, 2079’ to be celebrated for three days

  • Kalopati

The government has decided to observe the ‘National Democracy Day, 2079 BS’ for three days.
The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration today issued a circular in this regard to the Office of Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers of all provinces, all commissions, departments, institutions, the district coordination committees and local levels.
“In the context of celebrating the Day for three days (February 18, 19 and 20) with fanfare, there is a request to organise the Day with various programmes as per the schedule passed by the meeting on February 7 chaired by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, also chairperson of the National Democracy Day 2079 main celebration committee,” the circular read.
The circular has also asked the formation of a province level democracy day main celebration committee under the chairpersonship of Chief Minister of all provinces.
According to the celebration schedule, the national flag will be hoisted at all government offices, institutions, and organisations, and lighting lamps will take place in the evening on February 18, 19 and 20.
Public places will be tidied up, and the national flag put up in important places. Awareness programmes, various cultural, literary, educational and creative programmes should be organised, directed the circular.