Nepali journalism, major contributors to federal democratic republic: PM Dahal

  • Kalopati

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said Nepali journalism is one of the major contributors to movements for achieving the federal democratic republic system in the country.
Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the eighth National Journalism Day here today, the Prime Minister said, “Nepali journalism is one of the major contributors to the achievement of federal republic system. Significant political accomplishment would not have been possible without the involvement and contribution of journalism.”
Nepali journalism had its major role during the movements against Rana to the Panchayat dictatorship and during the 10-year People’s War and the 19-day People’s Movement II, according to the Prime Minister who took time to remember journalists including Krishna Sen Icchchuk who sacrificed their lives in course of political movements.
“Some journalists are still missing, some are living with injuries, and some were subjected to torture while some were imprisoned during such movements. Not only this, it was media that launched an awareness campaign highlighting the need to institutionalize the republic in Nepal when some political parties were in confusion about it while they were at the crossroad.”
The Prime Minister went on to say that the government was solely committed to the Press freedom and safety of journalists, adding that efforts continued to address the problems in the communications sector with the full guarantee of professional rights and security of journalists and all kinds of media.
On the occasion, the Prime Minister also said preparations were underway to ensure just distribution of government advertisements through the Advertisement Board, to establish the Integrated Media Development Fund and provide pension to journalists with disabilities.