Religion promotes unity: Vice President

  • Kalopati

Vice President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav has said religion is a means of promoting peace, communal tolerance and bonding in society.
In his address to a function organnised on the occasion of the 2622nd birth anniversary of Mahavira, the teacher of Jainism, here today, the Vice President said the religion helped make the society and nation further united. “Despite the existence of different religions, the goal of all religions is the same. Public welfare is the nature of each religion,” he said.
Non-violence, Aparigraha or non-possession and Anekantavada or non-absolutism, the doctrines developed by Mahavira, have turned more relevant in the present time, according to the Vice President.
The Vice President added, “Nepal is a land of ancient sages who spent years in meditation, exploring and finding the spiritual journey, and this is the place having influenced by lords Rishavdeva, Navinath, Mallinath, Pashwanath, Mahavira and Acharya Sthulibhadra and these all make us proud of being a Nepali.”
As the Vice President said, the Jain community in Nepal is living in unity no matter where they are and they have been successful to leave a positive mark spiritually, culturally and philanthropically.
He was of the opinion that the Nepal Jain Council should have its role in further promoting and implementing the principles and code of conduct of Jainism among the community.
Council Chair Mahendra Kumar Jain described the Jainism as a vibrant religion, adding that it was equally relevant in the present time as well.
Prior to this, a morning rally was also held. The birth anniversary of Mahavira is observed in Nepal and different parts of the world with much fanfare.