Lawmaker Bhandari being taken to India for further treatment

  • Kalopati

Nepali Congress leader (NC) Dr Chandra Kanta Bhandari, who was injured in a cooking gas cylinder explosion last night, is to be taken to India for further treatment. It is said preparations are on to take him to Mumbai-based National Skin Burn Hospital on the Shree Airlines air ambulance in a while.
The House of Representatives ( HoR) member and his mother Harikala Bhandari were injured when a cooking gas cylinder exploded in their house in Kathmandu on Wednesday night. Both of them were rushed to Kirtipur-based Kirtipur Hospital, following the incident.
The hospital has referred the leader outside the country for further treatment, said the family source. According to the hospital, Dr Bhandari sustained 25-30 percent burns including on his both hands and legs. However, the mother succumbed to burns at 10:57 am today. She was 86.