Lumbini Province to provide cash support to kidney, cancer, heart patients

  • Kalopati

The first cabinet meeting of the newly-formed Lumibini Province Government has decided to provide Rs 200,000 to kidney, cancer and heart patients.
Prior to this, such patients were receiving Rs 100,000 from the Province Government.
Likewise, the council of ministers of the Lubmini Province decided to manage COVID-19 hotline to rescue the COVID-19 patients and ambulance. The total cost of the management for such responsibilities would be covered by the Province Government.
The cabinet meeting also decided to ensure antigen test by running health camp in the areas severely affected from coronavirus infection and make the treatment, rescue and vaccination system more effective.
As decided, Economic Affairs and Planning Minister Krishna Dhowj Khadka was named as the spokesperson of the Province Government while Amar Bahadur Dangi was appointed the chief advisor of Chief Minister Kul Bahadur KC.